Bespoke Printed Tissue Paper Made in the UK, Lancashire

A traditional ‘step and repeat’ logo design is always in demand and is perfectly suited to be printed onto tissue paper. Using a polymer printing plate it is simple but effective branding.

Some cutomers require designs that are more intricate and with modern plate making technology, digital design and using laser engraved printing rollers, it is possible to produce shading, tones and almost photographic quality images, in multiple colours.

We have specialised in bespoke printed tissue paper for the last 20 years. Over this time we have supplied printed paper to many of the best known stores around the UK and Europe. We work closely with our customers to develop long lasting relationships. Integrity and customer confidentiality are part of our service.

We work hard to produce a consistent, high quality printed product, and we don’t cut corners to reduce costs. The last sheet of paper off the print machine will be the same high quality as the first sheet printed. Quality monitoring and checking are continuous, and we ensure that reprints are accurately matched for continuity.

Printed tissue paper is an excellent addition to your branded packaging – the luxury implied by a crisp sheet of printed tissue in a parcel far outweighs the cost.